Who am I?

I’m a human, who wants to create and make the world a better place. I materialize this by developing useful products and teaching others. 💡

I care to

  • Deliver, no excuses. It might not be perfect but it must be delivered.
  • Keep it simple. Focus on making things work, don’t overcomplicate it.
  • Take time to understand. Don’t rush into conclusions or building. Understanding your client and your product takes time - take it.

I’m a strong believer in life-long learning, therefore if you’ve got something interesting to share - jot me a line. 🖊️

Enjoy this portfolio and perhaps - talk to you soon!

What do I know?

Besides various lifehacks, I’ve got some sellable knowledge/skills - here they are.

💻Full-Stack Development

I can create full web apps or a simple website. Let’s have a chat to see what would be the best option for you. Here are the technologies I love:

PHP / Laravel + VueJS

To make those beautiful full stack apps! Check out - klases.lt and pomofit.com

Tailwind CSS

To make things beautiful.


Perfect for creating static pages and deploy them on Netlify. (Like this page) Using it mostly for my own projects.


Fantastic CMS - easy to use and simple to install. I use it for landing pages of small businesses that want to have a CMS.


I teach English and Business. I primarily work with adults and teenagers. It’s a wonderful job to learn patience and understand human psychology.

🚀Business Development

I used to work in business development, had my own startups, and consulted other businesses. I love to get a product from an idea to the market.


I’m a published/featured author in The Startup and Medium. I worked as a freelance copywriter to sharpen my skills. To top it up, I wrote my own book about learning English and I’m currently working on my next one.


Wireframing with Figma

Filming and Editing videos


I created

a task management system with a healthy twist


A VueJS, running on Netlify, fully static. I’m using it to stay productive and keep stretching.

find it here

a course management system


It’s a simple course management system to showcase my knowledge in Laravel and Livewire. I resell the system for businesses that want to sell their courses on their website.

find it here

a book

Learn Your English

I wrote this book to summarize my experience in teaching English. It’s a guide on how to learn and improve your English skills on your own. The book focuses on the psychological and technological aspects of learning a language. It was published in 2020 and now can be found in most book shops around Lithuania.

a startup


A marketplace startup to connect teachers with students without the intermediary of a school. The project was selected in the WebSummit’s Alpha program. It was the full young startup experience - from building it myself to failing to hire others, and lastly understanding that there is no demand for our product.

a startup


We created beautiful umbrellas for hitchhikers!

find it here

I’m creating

a CRM for beauty workers


I’m building a CRM oriented to help individual beauty workers track their clients, upsell and categorize them. The goal - automate client management to avoid relying on an assistant.

a book

I want to be… / Repeatable Success

I’m writing a book about how to sell your ideas in the market and things that I’ve learned that I wish I knew when I left school. It’s mostly for teenagers and my sister, who’s currently finishing highschool.

Stay in touch

You can find me on: